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English Courses for Executives

You should always look for accredited by the British Council and English UK school.

How to choose the best language school? What are the key points?


Executive courses:

  • Personalised according to your individual and/or job requirements.
  • Intensive so you can make the maximum progress in a limited time.
  • Results-driven to give measurable improvements in linguistic fluency and accuracy.

Effective teaching

All teachers should be experienced, with excellent classroom management skills and up to date knowledge of teaching / training techniques. Built into every client’s course should be the following:

Placement test.
Needs analysis.
Professional skills development.
Task-based activities.
Learner skills development.
Assignments and Homework.
Progress tests.
Academic counselling.

The system 

We believe every student’s achievements reflect performance, so measuring progress is important to you and your company. Language Shool should use the Common European Framework, which is understood by language professionals and employers across Europe.

Where is the best College?

Find out on our Location Page

English Language School

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